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Kraut Shots (Turmeric Ayurvedic) 500ml

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PAMA’s Organic Turmeric Ayurvedic Sauerkraut Juice. It’s made with fresh turmeric activated with black pepper and cayenne. It's the pure vegetable juice from our Sauerkraut, not diluted, unpasteurised. Drink it by the shot.

Gut Shots are made from our expertly crafted sauerkraut juice, it’s always organic, unpasteurised, and is alive with multiple strains of probiotics. We take the juice out at the end of fermentation so our juices are fermented for at least 12 weeks here at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in West Berkshire.

We recommend having 1 - 2 shots (25ml) shots per day. We put it in our smoothie, salad dressing or have it straight up on the rocks.  

1 bottle contains 20 shots! 

Our Kraut Juice is naturally fermented in the brine created from the juice of the vegetable and natural sea salt. NO vinegar, water or heat is added. Since our Kraut Juice is unpasteurised (RAW), a shot a day supports your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria. Blended by hand in small batches, fermented in barrels on Sheepdrove Organic Farm in West Berkshire, UK.

Must be kept refrigerated. In the event of a white film appearing (which are harmless yeasts) due to air, merely skim off. Liquid may overflow due to ongoing fermentation. Once opened consume within 9-12 days.

ORGANIC: We only use highest quality, organic ingredients for our products and we are certified organic with the biodynamic association.

RAW + LIVE: No vinegar, water or heat is added to our unpasteurised Kraut. It supports your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria which helps our gut to maintain a healthy population of good bacteria (gut flora). It helps us to extract more nutrients from the food we eat. Ferments are high in vitamin C, boosting the immune system. We ferment our Kraut in barrels for at least 4 weeks, here on Sheepdrove Organic Farm in West Berkshire, UK.

LOW CALORIE & NATURAL SALT: Our Sauerkraut and Kimchi is sugar free and low in calories. We use a very special salt, "TRAD Y SEL Guérande salt", it's rich in minerals and macronutrients which are retained when naturally dried outside.

PRESERVED THROUGH FERMENTATION: The oldest way to preserve seasonal produce is natural fermentation. Our products have a 4-6 month shelf life - it’s perfect to buy it in bulk.