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Raw Mountain Flower Honey 500g

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We love the Toca honey here at PAMA and this is the honey we use as an ingredient for our bread&butter pickles oxymel remedy brine.. It was a great move to replace all sugar with raw organic honey in our kitchen!

Raw honey
High content in diastase


Mountains honey is our main product and it comes from a pollen spectrum to provide the typical species in mountain forests that inhabit our bees such as oak and chestnut, heather, bramble and thyme.

This mountain honey is particularly rich in minerals and diastase that makes it a very nutritious honey providing energy and helping with proper digestion.

Toca honey is an organic, raw, never blended beekeeping project providing the best honey bee products directly only from our bees in the Galician mountains. Toca Honey is based on organic and sustainable beekeeping. The project is set in the very heart of the Eastern Galician Mountains. Our honey bees are not fed with sugar, the hives do not receive any chemical treatments and we stamp and use only our own organic certified bee wax which guarantees the full control of the health at our bee farm. In addition all our organic honey is homegrown which guarantees complete control of the traceability of our products. Raw organic honey, extracted by cold centrifugation and bee products from our harvest is all you'll find at Toca's honey range, because we are convinced of the excellent quality that we supervise daily on our farm.