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Kimchi Live Shot
Kimchi Live Shot

Kimchi Live Shot

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 The Korean classic to go: Kimchi Live Shot

Here comes a shot for those who like it hot with the typical kimchi flavour made from ginger, chilli, garlic and pepper. Great, for everyone who wants some extra vitamins and living microorganisms from fermentation in their body - even in a rush or to supplement a quick snack.

The shot compliments lunch or dinner or acts as a lively turbo on the go. You can use it as a vinegar in a salad dressing and mix into various recipes for extra tang. On a Sunday it makes a marvellous Bloody Mary mixer. 

We recommend having 1 - 2 shots (25ml) per day.
1 bottle contains 4 shots. 

Ingredients: Brine of Fermented Vegetables and Spices (White Cabbage*, Carrots*, Natural Salt, Onion*, Garlic*, Red Pepper*, Ginger*, Chilli*, Paprika*)

*Certified Organic ingredients

 Size: 100ml

  • We say NO to PLASTIC and you can return our packaging to us.
  • Made with deep mined salt, it's rich in minerals and macronutrients which are retained when dried. Guaranteed free of microplastics.
  • Contains live cultures enriched through the natural fermentation
  • We are planting 2 trees for every online order. 
  • We are proud Slow Food UK supporters.
  • Our Kraut Shots are sugar free and low in calories
  • Seasonal produce sourced as local as possible
  • Unpasteurised & RAW
  • Organic certified
  • GMO free 
  • Vegan