Biodynamic Sour Pickles
Biodynamic Sour Pickles
Biodynamic Sour Pickles

Biodynamic Sour Pickles

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- available in 450g -

PAMA's Biodynamic Sour Pickles with fresh garlic, dill and chilli. These pickles are our seasonal speciality and we are using the recipe from Patka's grandmother. Only in stock for a short time.

Ingredients: biodynamic gherkins (demeter), water, *garlic, *dill, *chilli, luisenhaller salt, *coriander seeds, *black peppercorn, *wine leaf, *bay leaf and nothing else but love & time! *= ORGANIC ingredients

Must be kept refrigerated. In the event of a white film appearing (which are harmless yeasts) due to air, merely skim off. Liquid may overflow due to ongoing fermentation. Once opened consume within 10-14 days. Once you start to enjoy your pickles we recommend cutting the remaining pickles in half so that they are covered with brine.

Our Pickles are naturally fermented in a cloudy brine created from the our own spring water and natural salt. NO vinegar or heat is added.

ORGANIC & LOCAL: We only use highest quality, organic and biodynamic ingredients. We are certified with the biodynamic association. We traditionally ferment in barrels. Based at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in West Berkshire, UK.

RAW + LIVE: No vinegar, water or heat is added to our unpasteurised Pickles. It supports your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria which helps our gut to maintain a healthy population of good bacteria (gut flora). It helps us to extract more nutrients from the food we eat. Ferments are high in vitamin C, boosting the immune system. 

LOW CALORIE: Our Pickles are sugar free and low in calories. 

SALT: Luisenhall is the last deep salt pan in operation in Europe. The salt is extracted as concentrated brine from a depth of 450 meters. The salt comes from an ocean that once existed and which dried up 250 million years ago. Since humans did not exist at that time, they also had no opportunity to pollute this sea. Our salt is so pure, original and valuable. It's unadulterated and free of any chemical additives.

PRESERVED THROUGH FERMENTATION: The oldest way to preserve seasonal produce is natural fermentation. Our products have a 3-6 month shelf life - it’s perfect to buy it in bulk.

SUSTAINABLE: We are planting 2 trees for every online order. We also say NO to PLASTIC and you can return our packaging to us. We ship orders out once per week using the carbon neutral, dpd premium courier. We are proud Slow Food UK supporters.

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