Hot Sauce 150ml
Hot Sauce 150ml
Hot Sauce 150ml
Hot Sauce 150ml
Red Hot Sauce (Cayenne) 150ml - PAMA Plant Based Kitchen ltd.

Hot Sauce 150ml

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Our Naturally Fermented Hot Sauce is lacto-fermented for 6 month! biodynamic (demeter certified) local biodynamic Cayenne chili, organic Garlic, Organic Pine Pollen, Luisenhaller salt and sheepdrove spring water.

*** mild heat level and incredible full of flavour. ***

- Handcrafted and naturally fermented at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in Berkshire

- Made with "Luisenhaller deep mined salt", it's rich in minerals and macronutrients which are retained when dried.

- Mixed by hand in small batches, fermented in barrels

- NO vinegar or heat is added

- Contains natural probiotics

- Organic / Demeter

- Vegan

- Seasonal produce sourced as local as possible

unpasteurised & RAW

- GMO free 


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