Luisenhaller Rosemary Salt
Luisenhaller Rosemary Salt

Luisenhaller Rosemary Salt

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- available in 270g -

Our fine Luisenhaller Rosemary Salt is made with fresh rosemary from our organic herb garden here at the farm. This salt is so special because we are using fresh herbs which get preserved by the salt. We cut the herb and immediately mix it with salt.

The result is a herbal salt unlike any other. Just open the jar and you'll smell it. Sprinkle it over roasted vegetables or fries. Do not use this salt for pasta water, it's way to special for that.

Luisenhaller Tiefensalz (depths salt)

The salt comes from the sea. To be more precise, from an ocean that once existed here and which dried up 250 million years ago. Since humans did not exist at that time, he also had no opportunity to pollute this sea. That makes us very happy and our salt is so pure, original and valuable. And we leave it at the same time: unadulterated and free of any chemical additives.

Luisenhall is the last deep salt pan in operation in Europe. Over the course of a year, they only produce as much salt as the big ones in our industry before breakfast break. But the salt is not really comparable either. It is extracted as concentrated brine from a depth of 450 meters into the Göttingen daylight. Once at the top, this brine is heated in huge flat pans until the salt can be crystallised and skimmed off. This process is around a thousand years old.