Green Salsa Hot Sauce
Green Salsa Hot Sauce

Green Salsa Hot Sauce

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 ¡Ay, caramba! Here comes our fermented, lively version of the Mexican classic: Green Salsa Hot Sauce

For this mildl hot sauce, we ferment green peppers and garlic for several months. Habanero chillies and cumin, grown especially for us, provide a great aroma and the right hot punch.

White wine vinegar and some cane sugar complete the taste profile. It adds flavour and good live cultures onto your plate!

By the way, we only use "rescued peppers" for our sauces, i.e. peppers that are not for sale because they are too small, for example.

Our Green Salsa Hot Sauce is of course ideal for wraps, tortillas and bean dishes. It also goes well in sandwiches or with noodles.

Ingredients: Green Pepper* (67%), Garlic*, Cane Sugar*, White Wine Vinegar*, Natural Salt, Cumin*, Chilli* (0,9%), Thickener: Guar Gum* 

*Certified organic ingredients

Size: 160ml

*** mild heat level and incredible full of flavour. ***

  • Designed at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in West Berkshire, UK
  • Crafted with love in our eco-production site in rural Northern Germany
  • Made with deep mined salt, it's rich in minerals and macronutrients which are retained when dried. Guaranteed free of microplastics.
  • Contains live cultures enriched through the natural fermentation
  • Organic certified
  • Vegan
  • Seasonal produce sourced as local as possible
  • Unpasteurised & RAW
  • GMO free 

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